ZOMRO.NET - provides services of: shared hosting, VDS/VPS and dedicated servers, as well as domain registration.

First of all, our company is famous for the premium quality of service. A professional and friendly support team will help you in the shortest time possible at any time of the day with any questions you have. You can contact us by phone, through an online chat and, of course, by submitting a request through the ticket system. We provide personalized approach to all our clients and their objectives. Therefore, you can be sure in our continuous support for any of your problems. You can calmly proceed with development of your project or corporate website. We will take care of all the rest.
Most our efforts are aimed at creating comfortable conditions for clients to develop and improve their projects, at ensuring that our services are stable, modern and fast.
Experience of our employees, applied technologies, solutions and modern server hardware provide stable infrastructure and the prompt customer support. We adhere to the highest standards in our work.
We are equally trusted to host small promo sites, as well as large portals, websites of government agencies, high-load projects and Internet start-ups.
We never are complacent and constantly strive for development and improvement. We are always open for any proposals about cooperation, improvement of our services and critics.

Cheap VDS/VPS (OpenVZ) in the Netherlands:
VDS/VPS «Start» — CPU: 1 core / RAM: 256 Mb / SDD: 5 Gb – 0.99 €/mon.
VDS/VPS «Portal» — CPU: 1 core / RAM: 512 Mb / SDD: 10 Gb – 1.49 €/mon.

Optimal VDS/VPS (KVM) in the Netherlands:
VDS/VPS «Micro» — CPU: 1 core / RAM: 1024 Mb / SDD: 20 Gb / Windows or Linux – 2.5 €/mon.
VDS/VPS «Platinum» — CPU: 2 core / RAM: 2048 Mb / SDD: 30 Gb / Windows or Linux – 4.9 €/mon.
VDS/VPS «Strong» — CPU: 3 core / RAM: 3072 Mb / SDD: 40 Gb / Windows or Linux – 7.5 €/mon.
VDS/VPS «VIP» — CPU: 4 core / RAM: 4096 Mb / SDD: 50 Gb / Windows or Linux – 9.5 €/mon.
VDS/VPS «VIP+» — CPU: 6 core / RAM: 6144 Mb / SDD: 70 Gb / Windows or Linux – 13.5 €/mon.