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Which server management panel do you choose?

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  • Which server management panel do you choose?

    I used CPanel months ago. Everything was OK though I didn't like the pricing. As for me, it was unreasonably expensive.

    This is why I decided to try another service FASTPANEL which is absolutely free (for 18 months) but has all the same functions that I need.
    Moreover, it's design is quite handy (much better than CPanel's one).

    What panel do you use guys and why?

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    cPanel is the best server management software that can be used.
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      I have used Cloudways server management panel as I have found it very interesting and easy to use. You actually host your server through this platform with just few clicks. I have hosted Google GCE Cloud server through their platform and it was fun doing it.


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        We use CWP ( for users who can't afford the current cPanel pricing, it provides almost all the features offered by cPanel. You can find the demo installation here:

        The only downfall for this panel is that it doesn't offer the Reseller feature now. It has a FAQ page: which will help you sort out any questions and if you've more to ask, then please make use of their forum:


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          What would you recommed for vps windows?


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