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What is Shared Hosting?

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  • What is Shared Hosting?

    Shared Hosting can be related to renting a flat in an apartment. Here an dedicated server is used to share multiple websites in one location, so all websites share same resources of the web server, hence the term Shared Hosting.

    Shared Website Hosting is perfect for Beginners and Business Owners to host their websites. Shared hosting is Less Expensive when compared to other web hosting types.

    Types of Shared Hosting.
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    I don't think shared hosting is as bad as people say it is. I mean, if it was, then I'n sure people would catch on. Anyway, there are some who say that the bad scripts and whatnot of other users will cause havoc on your user's experience.


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      For me shared hosting is a good for people maybe those who are saying that is not good maybe they did not the right procedured on how to shared properly.


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