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I have an ecommerce site. need OpenVZ VPS web hosting

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  • I have an ecommerce site. need OpenVZ VPS web hosting

    HI ALL,
    I need to run an e-commerce site and run more than 1 lack query per hour for few days till I need to insert the products via a API/web scraping.
    My current hosting has a limit of 45000 queries per hour, which is very less.
    Any info on OpenVZ VPS web hosting?
    Should me able to run php codes.


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    There are some options available on the net that can provide you with the tools and information you need when formulating your hosting decisions.


    • #3 and VPS plans are quite suitable for you.

      Uptime is high and their plans contain many useful features which are so necessary for being successful in the IT industry.


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        Would like to add that has the best customer support department around.
        Overall I'm very satisfied although I am a probably a pretty light user of the service.


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          I found to be a great hosting service. When I first came across their prices it almost seemed too good to be true.
          I put one site up with them to start just to try things out, I've since put up all my sites with these guys. I would recommend their OpenVZ VPS to anyone.


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            You should pick the top website hosting provider and join in their money making businesses online.


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              Taking the advantage of the opportunity can recommend you to look at cpanel web hosting solutions.
              Their customer support is exceptional. If you have a question about any one of the web hosting service on their site, they have a friendly, dedicated team to get you answers fast.


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