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What is the difference between Linux and Windows hosting?

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  • What is the difference between Linux and Windows hosting?

    Actually want to know about Linux and Windows Web hosting and also it's a difference. Linux and windows web hostings feature

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    The major difference is, on Linux hosting is that you can not host a .net website and it supports only PHP and Java with MYSQL also it does not support MSSQL database. With Windows hosting you can host both the applications .net and PHP and MSSQL and MYSQL. Both the platforms are good for hosting and it completely depends on the application code.


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      There are many difference between Linux and Windows hosting, First one is you can host both websites .net and PHP on Windows server but on Linux server you can't host .net website, MSSQL database not able to work on Linux server but Mysql database can work on both servers..
      Linux server is little bit fast in comparison to Windows server. Both the server has GUI interface (Graphical user interface). You have to check your application requirement after that you can decide with Linux or Windows hosting.


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        It's difficult to decide between Linux and Windows which server is ideal for hosting because it relies on your web hosting needs. Both of them have distinct advantages, and it is impossible to say one is superior to the other.

        Linux Hosting-
        • Linux is an open-source platform.
        • To use the Linux operating system you are required to know how to use the command line.
        • Linux is free of cost provided that it is an open platform and its services provided by Linux Hosting are affordable.
        • Linux can support pretty much any type of website, be it a simple blog or an e-commerce website.
        • Linux is more proficient in running PHP and My SQL simultaneously.
        Windows Hosting-
        • Windows Hosting services are not open source unlike Linux and are subject to licensing fees.
        • Services are expensive when compared with Linux.
        • Windows servers are opted for by large businesses because of their familiarity with Microsoft products.
        • Accessing and managing windows host servers are quite easy even for less experienced users.
        • If you are planning to work with ASP.NET, MS-SQL, or .NET Core then the Windows server is a great choice.


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