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What type of shared hosting are you currently using?

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  • What type of shared hosting are you currently using?

    I'm a customer of,, and Anyway, I have no complaints with these people. Has anyone else tried them? Has anyone heard of them? Well, I know Host Bunnies isn't a well known company. It's just a mom and pop operation.

    Oh, by the way, the stuff isn't shared, though. It's a reseller thing.

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    I'm using VPS, because it is really affordable and has more advantages than shared hosting.


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      Previously, I have been used shared hosting but now I have moved to cloud. In shared hosting, the hosting provider will host multiple clients websites in a same server. I am running a WooCommerce store so I get that hosting which provide me 99% uptime. So that’s why I am using cloud which fulfill my WooCommerce hosting requirements.
      WooCommerce hosting requirements


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