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What kind of reseller hosting do you use and/or have used?

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  • What kind of reseller hosting do you use and/or have used?

    Now I am using, but before it was, and Anyway, I have no general complaints with any of them - other than the time that Host Mantis was hit by huge DDOS attacks, practically disabling it for a month! So has anyone else had their service disrupted in that way?

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    I use only for$6.5 USD/month or 100K IDR. started from 8 GB, Linux & Windows Reseller Hosting, Server: IIX, USA, SGP. It's the most reliable hosting in my country. Check it out and give it a try. Very professional


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      Thank you for this information. I am willing to try those websites, since I am just starting I am still venturing other options.


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        I've only used GoDaddy for hosting. I went with them originally because of their reputation - I think they were always seen as one of the leaders in the field, and as a relative newbie that gave me confidence. I haven't had any need to deviate, but if there were significant savings to be had I'd probably look into it more.

        It's hard to really want to switch though when you've had good, reliable service the whole time you've been with a particular hosting service.


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