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Which one should I go for? Bluehost or Hostinger?

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  • Which one should I go for? Bluehost or Hostinger?

    I'm not sure which one is better I mostly used 000webhost for testing out my websites or university projects which is a free hosting method. 000webhost is powered by hostinger and honestly I've had some issues with it as the website would stop loading for a period of time but that's a free plan so I'm assuming a paid one would be much more professional?Just to add my blog will be freshly new so I'm going to have to grow a fan base, I do have a small community on youtube where I'll be advertising it there, so I don't believe I'll be having huge number of visitors right off the bat.My website will be built through wordpress just thought I should add that.
    What are your thoughts and experience with both companies? and any advice would be great!

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    Try bluehost


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      Hostinger is crap. Tried it out for a client on Black Friday I believe, cancelled within the first week. Performance wasn't good, charging for free SSL certificates, hitting hidden quotas, etc etc


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        For me, if a certain hosting service owned by a company is terrible, then most likely other hosting services owned by the same company would have the same quality. My advice? Go for bluehost or other hosting services like GoDaddy.


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          I am not certain which one is better. It would be better to search and seek inquiry on the advantage or disadvantage of each provider. To have a clear and balance decision.There have been a lot of company claiming to have a better services and solution but always failed in most instance. I hope you will find a good assistance in succeeding days. Good luck!


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