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Has anyone tried using Meteor to create their website?

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  • Has anyone tried using Meteor to create their website?


    Hello webmasters!

    Has anyone tried using Meteor to create their websites? I have tried Meteor and it is mostly JavaScript on both the front and the back-end. There are also plugins to make the development phase faster and easier. I only see a few people who are using Meteor and I would like to know if some of you here in BestWebHosting has already tried it. The technology is fairly new and reading the documentation to learn the framework is quite easy. I think I learned the whole framework within a day or two so it wouldn't really take anyone a lot of time to get comfortable in using it.

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    This is the first time I am actually hearing about Meteor so I did a quick Google search to find out more about it. It looks pretty interesting although I don't think it's for me since I don't use Javascript for any coding. I still haven't bothered to learn Javascript since I'm focused on learning and improving my Python coding at the moment. I checked out some of the "apps" that have been created using Meteor and I have to say, I was surprised. I wasn't expecting such good sites and there was one that was particularly beautiful and well coded. I'll definitely check it out if I decide to learn Javascript.


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      I think I used meteor long time ago. And somehow I like it.


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        I hadn't even heard of it before either, but it seems like a unique and interesting website creating resource. One of the things I liked best about what they're offering is that they seem to promote the use of less coding with the same amount of functionality. They've got a quote on their site that says "accomplish in 10 lines what would normally take 1000", so that kind of efficiency is something I'm drawn to. I also like that they said the same code can be used no matter the platform you're developing for, whether it's iOS, android, or desktops.


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          What I really like about meteor is the fact that by using JavaScript on the front and back end it becomes faster to build a site and it also ease the problem of context a great platform for developing both web and desktop apps.


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            Meteor is a great help and instrument if you want to create your simple website.


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