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Tips and Tricks working with PHP 7?

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  • Tips and Tricks working with PHP 7?

    Hi guys, please share your experience using PHP 7. Does it offer a new whole experience. Is there any tips and tricks? I know that it's pretty new, few hosting provide the best environment for PHP 7. I'd like to take this momentum to share our experience and getting updated on how we best use PHP 7

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    Not tricks, but useful guidelines to learning.
    1. Budget a time to learn.
    2. Find reputable PHP authority to learn from.
    3. Find simple PHP projects on GitHub and investigate the code.
    4. Create simple applications, every day and apply what you learn.
    5. Go back to your old code and review it.
    6. Blog about your progress.
    7. Read “what’s new” after each PHP version release and try to understand it.
    8. Solve a real-life problem.


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        Hey thanks for sharing these tips i also work on php 7 because apart from developing free dedicated vpn i also create websites for clients.


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          There are a number of big selling points that make PHP stand out from other web programming languages

          First, PHP is open source. This means that PHP is completely, 100% free. You just install it on your PC and you are good at working on your website.

          Second, PHP is unlimited. You can use it in any way you can think of and no one will say you can't. This applies a lot in a fluid field, as web design is.

          Third, PHP will help you reduce your spending. When you use .NET, you have to pay extra for the server. This is not the case with PHP, where you can use Linux or Apache servers for free and reduce your expenses while you are at it.

          Fourth, PHP supports many database options, from MSSQL and IBM to DB2 and Oracle OC18.


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            Thanks for sharing these tips and tricks it is very helpful for me. Keep contributing.


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              Thanks for all provided tips. These will help me alot.
              I am managing PHP version in cpanel and its very easy. You can update PHP version if you are using cpanel.


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