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What are the features for good websites security software

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  • What are the features for good websites security software

    When looking out for site security software to use on one's sites there are features we should always look out I look out for software that can scan malware on a regular basis and must always be proactive to block any attack especially hack attacks.What are the features you need in a security software?

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    Basically i look for the price and the brand. Every antivirus has its own systems on how to secure your device but not all have systems that passes thru third party organizations that test these software integrity and effectiveness. Among the best in antivirus systems usually have fees but there's also a free version that could be useful and effective.


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      Personally, I will search about a company that or software that is highly recommended. Then, I will look for reviews about that security software to make sure that it is providing quality product. The amount does not matter tome as long as it gives quality service to its user. It should have clean record or not so many bad reviews.


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        The security is the most important issue for server and website. Firewall is the essential part of any server configuration. I use iptables to protect my server and website. Iptables is really a good option for server security and it is easily set up. There are many tutorials for setting up iptables, choose the simple one to set up iptables rules and easily block the suspicious IP addresses and Ports.


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          Looking at the question from a little bit different angle, I think of web-site security measures in terms of user's data protection, and that's an important thing to keep in mind as well. You can read about what I've mentioned and add to your list of security software features using the info given on this site, if you're interested.
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