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What are the most common signs of malware or virus on your computer or laptop?

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  • What are the most common signs of malware or virus on your computer or laptop?

    I know there are free anti-virus software available online which we could download to protect our gadgets from being hacked but, some people still get viruses and malwares even though they already have them.

    Have you ever experienced getting a virus on your computer or laptop even though you've already downloaded an anti-viurs software? If so, what were some of the things you experienced then?

    We'll discuss them here as a precautionary measure so other people would have an idea what the tell-tale signs are when a gadget has a virus.

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    The only real signs I noticed the time I had a virus was a real lagging performance from my laptop, and it would occasionally just shut down without warning. If those things start happening out of the blue I would definitely recommend getting things checked out!


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      I rely on my anti-virus software. It identifies suspicious files I find it a great way to secure and protect important files on system. Sometimes it also denies any sites that is unsecured to access. However, when a portable computer is infected with virus some messages is corrupted. The system would freeze and sometimes shut down. It will hinder the processing speed of the portable computer or laptop. We should be very careful in downloading files especially coming from websites.


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