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What Do You Think Is The Best Free Anti-Virus?

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  • What Do You Think Is The Best Free Anti-Virus?

    Security is definitely something we should also consider in our gadgets. Be it mobile, laptop or PC, we should take necessary precaution from it being compromised. We should take this seriously the same way we do with our bank and credit cards.

    But, let's be honest! Not everyone can afford a paid anti-virus software and would rather settle with a free one online. People would put their money on stuff like food, clothes and other expenses than them paying for an anti-virus.

    On that note, what free anti-virus software have you used and if you've tried a few of them already, which one for you is the best free anti-virus available online now?

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    I only used Avast Anti-virus ( free version ) for the longest period of time. It detects and protect my computer files. I don't have to worry on visiting unscrupulous site since it will give warning and information. This is a big help for me. It gives me more secured protection. I rely too much on Avast Anti-virus. I get the benefits for free. I am not certain which premium or free anti-virus software are good than Avast.


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      Well, I would say that it will be better to go for a paid subscription rather than going for a free version of anti-virus for the security of your device. I think that many antivirus subscriptions are available at an affordable price these days when you go for the yearly or for a six months package. In any case, you don't want your costly device get damaged permanently just because you did not install a good anti-virus system on it.


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        I am using Avast Anti-Virus with no cost. Of course, if you want to upgrade and use all the tools, then you have to pay for it. But nonetheless, the free anti-virus is worth the use.
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          Malwarebytes is great, plus I like to keep Spybot Search and Destroy around, ever since I had a nasty little keylogger that kept hacking my WoW account back in '09. Ran multiple anti viruses and never found anything but kept getting hacked in WoW. Eventually downloaded Spybot and it found and fixed the keylogger within a couple minutes.


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            I love Avast. I have been using it since a long time, and I am pretty satisfied with it. It's free version works wonderful.


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