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Advantages of CloudFlare?

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  • Advantages of CloudFlare?

    Is any one here using CloudFlare for your websites? What are advantages of CloudFlare? Since I have use CloudFlare but out of speeding up my website speed, I didn't see other factors to help my websites. How about you?

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    I also asking advise to someone how to use this CloudFlare for my websites. I hope this site help us to know more about this. I think lot poster know this and can give us proper informations.


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      These are some benifts of cloudflare for me Free Cloudflare is completely free to get started whereas other CDN services are paid, Performance improvements. ..Save bandwidth, Spam protection, Site Analytics. ...DNS Changes are faster, Blocks DoS and DDoS. Yet another layer.


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        I think the most important thing aboout cloudflare is for the protection of the site.A lot of sites have put this in place now to keep hackers away.Help sites to protect spam and block off all forms of attacks which I think it is very necessary o have on sites.


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          Cloudflare is a Web Application Firewall(WAF) to your website. It is good at providing security to your website. and fights against DDoS attacks and malware injections.


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            haven't used CloudFlare myself, but have never heard anything bad about it. I have used Amazon's CloudFront, and would definitely recommend it. It's fast/cheap and fairly easy to set up. I think the advantage you get with CloudFront, is the fine-tuned control.


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              Cloudflare adds more security to your website and also helps to increase the load time of your website.
              Its better to use it for your website and for that first you have to create account.

              For more details you can check about cloudflare.


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