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What is Free Web Hosting? Advantages & Disadvantages

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  • What is Free Web Hosting? Advantages & Disadvantages

    Free Web Hosting it self says that you are hosting your website for $0. There are numerous free web hosting service providers. Few offer free web hosting by creating subdomains or let you use your own domain name.
    Advantages of Free Web Hosting: You are not spending any money towards hosting.

    The following are the Disadvantages:
    • Advertisements in your website
    • Less Reliability
    • Low Bandwidth and Storage
    • Little or No Support and Assistance
    List of Free Web Hosting Companies
    Best Web Hosting Forum
    Web Hosting Directory > Business Directory

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    If you don't mind ads, and many people using such free forum services like Zetaboards, Proboards etc. don't, then such a service is a massive advantage. I mean, basically you're getting a paid experience with only one drawback.

    So have any of you messed around with ad-supported hosting?


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      I also used Zetaboards it is give an advantage for you. I try to search online for more info.


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        Personally for me, from a professional layout point of view I don't really want ads on my site. I think that a lot of the time for me when I visit a website, if it's littered with advertising it can be a turn off, and often sees me closing out of the website and not sticking around to peruse more of the content.

        Pop up ads are probably the most annoying to me, but I don't really see them as often these days.


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          Well I think for beginners and just want to try to run their website, much better to go to free web hosting. It's gonna be a training ground, and if you're not satisfied to the free web hosting, it's about time for you now to try the paid web hosting and invest a little for better and reliable web hosting. You must try the difference and choose if what web hosting is much more applicable to you.


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