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What free hosting have you tried?

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  • What free hosting have you tried?

    Myself, I used back in the 2000s. Anyway, for what I was doing I was satisfied, but, then again, I wasn't making a really complex site and I wasn't getting hardly any traffic. In that case, I don't know what the scenario would have been with the opposite. So has anyone tried that company? Well, now they are closed to new signups and don't offer free stuff, only upgrades for former free members.
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    There are several reasons why you should avoid free hosting services:
    1. They are not reliable;
    2. You can setup your website on their servers for free, and you don’t have to pay anything for maintenance, but, thanks to that, you don’t have any control on which advertisements will appear on your page;
    3. If you carefully read the Terms and Conditions of most of these services, you’ll find out that legally you don’t really own your site;
    4. Free web hosting services offer limited capacity for plugins. You’ll have to make compromises on which tools you’ll add to your websites;
    5. Free web hosts offer extremely limited storage and bandwidth. This will surely affect your business in most negative ways possible.



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