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    So, I was looking into expanding my bakery business and considering getting into a good web hosting provider. The thing is, I am not yet sure if getting a website would be effective in increasing and furthering my business so I am a bit hesitant to pay a good money and in the end be a complete failure. Hence, I wanted to test the waters first and I am looking into free web hosting providers for the meantime? If it would really be effective for my business, I will definitely not hesitate to pay for a really good provider. So, do you know anyone who I can call or get in contact with?

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    Good to see that you want to start an online business. I can understand the hesitation for buying the hosting services. You don't have to worry about hosting because there many hosting providers give free hosting.

    Some free hosting providers:
    1) (Rating - 4.3 )
    [Linux OS]
    [2GB SSD storage]
    [30GB bandwidth]

    2) (Rating - 3.6 )
    [Linux OS]
    [1GB SATA storage]
    [5GB bandwidth]

    3) (Rating - 3.6 )
    [Linux OS]
    [1GB SATA storage]
    [5GB bandwidth]

    Check it out here for more details

    You'll get limited resources with your free hosting account. Many providers offer very cheap plans that are very much affordable for small businesses and new startups.

    1) [$ 0.38/Mo, Ratings - 4.4]
    2) [$ 0.55/Mo, Ratings - 4.1]
    3) [$ 0.68/Mo, Ratings - 4.5 ]

    Many other vendors offer hosting services at a lower cost. You can visit here at


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