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    There's already a lot of hosting sites available in the market. Some are free while others are paid. For someone who is just starting out, which hosting site would you recommend? Why would you recommend it?

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    When I decided to launch a self hosted website, I did a research on free hosting as well as paid hosting. Most of the experienced webmaster said that you should never go with free hosting because free hosting has limitations and problems. They offered limited bankwith and diskspace. Downtime was one of the major problems. When I decided to have a paid hosting, I did a research on various hosting companies and settled with namecheap. based on my research, I found namecheap was the cheapest hosting available. The first year hosting was just $9.88. The package allowed me to host 3 websites. They have increased the price now, but you can still get hosting for as cheap as $2 per month.


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