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Why not free hosting domains?

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  • Why not free hosting domains?

    For me, I don't so much like using free hosting domains because there are limited things you can do with a free website than a paid website. My advice would be that you should spend a little on buying a domain.

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    You are right! and paid websites are mostly worth the prize, you just have to choose your domain wisely.


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      If you're a newbie then you can use free web hosting services, but if you run a business website then I never recommend any free web hosting.
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        I do understand that using a free domain services have limitation but this is more preferable especially when your starting. You can always use the resources for free. That's the best thing in life "free". But, if you intend to do more like business always settle for paid services. It provides better services and performance for your business even thou it's expensive. It's always best to take a research on the things that interest you before making a decision.


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