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What is Domain Name? Tips to choose the Perfect Domain.

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  • What is Domain Name? Tips to choose the Perfect Domain.

    Domain Names are nothing but business or website name. It is also known as the address for web users to visit your business or personal website because its really difficult to remember IP addresses. The IP Address that is assigned to your website is translated to domain name, which is easy to remember.

    Tips for choosing the perfect Domain Name:
    1. Keep it short (easier to remember)
    2. Avoid numbers and special charecteristics.
    3. Try naming using the same Niche words. For Example If I want to start a Community for web hosting industry, then I would name my domain names to be as, or
    4. If your website targets globally then its better to choose .com TLD. If your website is targeting only a specific country say United States then I would choose .us TLD's.
    Learn more on Domain Name Types.
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    Aways be sure that is easy to remember and avoid special characters and numbers.


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      It always good to research a domain name and be sure it isn't taken,it should be targeted at ones niche and the name must be what can be remembered in no time and then easy to type and appropriate extension should be added to it.The name should just be unique.


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        This is exactly what I'm trying to decide on right now for my Japan based food and travel blog. Trying to think of something punchy, memorable and to the point! The tips you mentioned were very helpful.
        The hardest thing I'm finding right now is to pick a name that someone else hasn't already chosen that is still short, sweet, and to the point. I've got to keep thinking, since some of the ones I've liked have already been taken by other people!


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          A domain name is the perfect name given to a site to distinguish it from other sites and as such before one come up with a name more research which be done to be sure the name be used is still available and the name should relate to the niche and theme of the site for easy identification.


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