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Which server is better to sign up with?

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  • Which server is better to sign up with?

    Which server is better to sign up with? Is that or

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    Can say that compared to our previous hosting provider, was like a breath of fresh air.
    These people are awesome. Very quick responses to tickets, in understandable English, 100% so far.
    The rates are really affordable!


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      1 Host Web offers the best dedicated servers in USA and India. The following are the details of the dedicated servers:

      Servers in USA HDD
      Cores: 2-4
      RAM: 4 GB DDR3 - 16 GB DDR3
      Disk Space: 1TB HDDx2 RAID
      Bandwidth: 5 TB - 15 TB
      Dedicated IP: 2

      Servers in USA SDD
      Cores: 8
      RAM: 16 GB DDR4 - 60 GB DDR4
      Disk Space: 500 GB SSD Raid 1 - 1.79 TB SSD Raid 1
      Bandwidth: 5 TB - 15 TB
      Dedicated IP: 2

      Servers in India HDD

      RAM: 6 GB DDR3 - 30 GB DDR3
      Disk Space: 1000 GB HDD Raid 1
      Bandwidth: 1 TB HDD*2 - 2 TB HDD*2
      Dedicated IP: 2
      1 Host Web > Cheap VPS Hosting > Best Dedicated Servers in USA & India > Cloud Hosting


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        Glad I decided to host my web site with decent web hosting provider.
        I believe that web host is good if you do not need to contact support team at all and this is such kind of hosting provider!


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          Just want to say that the best providers for me are: and
          Brilliant Support team, always there to help. Super easy to use and fully featured.


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            You will make right choice if you decide to host your site with offshore server hosting.
            I've already notice an improvement in load time for my site and the bulletin board is probably twice as fast as the old one.


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     servers are worth your attention due to their top-notch services.
              Excellent - say no more!They are fabulous service, community and I have learnt so much from support. They are always there to help. Their technical support is amazing.


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