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Looking for a Scalable Cloud that Manages Your Businesses Needs on the GO?

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  • Looking for a Scalable Cloud that Manages Your Businesses Needs on the GO?

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    With ESDS, leverage the benefits of a fully auto horizontal and vertical scalable cloud with ESDS eNlight Cloud for all your changing business needs. eNlight Cloud is a smart, secured cloud hosting architecture that matches perfectly with your growing business resources.

    Why eNlight Cloud?

    •With eNlight Cloud, you get multi-server systems giving you the power and control to explore further.
    •With eNlight Cloud hosting, it is always a win-win situation for you and your business by leveraging its unique cloud features that are fully customizable.
    •You always get the option for paying as per your consumption and this can be both- static and dynamic.
    •Determine the cost before-hand as per your resources such as- vCPUs, RAM, Disk Space (in GB), usage duration and the amount of data that you want to transfer with the help of eNlight Cloud Cost Predictor.

    Salient Features of eNlight Cloud Hosting

    •Auto-scalability on the go
    •Pay-per-consume Cloud Hosting
    •Unmatched Flexibility
    •Cloud Services Management
    •Live Migration

    Fully Security-Compliant Cloud Hosting

    eNlight Cloud is a completely secured cloud hosting solution that has been designed with all the security requirements to combat all the modern-day threats for the smooth functioning of your business operations. This cloud hosting services are certified with the latest security standards to ensure maximum data security. This Cloud hosting complies to the following security standards-

    •ISO 9001
    •ISO 20000/BS 15000
    •ISO 27001/BS 7799
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