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What is WordPress Hosting?

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  • What is WordPress Hosting?

    WordPress is a open source software used to build a website or a blog. WordPress hosting is nothing but a hosting space used only to host WordPress Applications. WordPress Hosting providers meet the minimum requirements that is required by the wordpress application for hosting a website or blog.
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    I always wondered what the exact difference between normal shared hosting and Wordpress hosting is. Because there are a lot of web hosting companies out there that have different plans available for hosting - shared hosting (the normal and one we are all used to) and Wordpress hosting which is apparently only for hosting Wordpress installations. What makes the decision difficult is that the Wordpress hosting tends to be a lot more expensive than shared hosting but does it really offer any benefits? And I use shared hosting for my Wordpress blog at the moment and it's perfectly fine, I don't experience any slow loading times or any problems at all.


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