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How to install NGINX in WHM/cPanel?

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  • How to install NGINX in WHM/cPanel?

    NGINX is a High performance webserver. It is one of the caching software used for optimizing linux based servers and to speed up the website. The below are the step to install NGINX in WHM/cPanel server using Easy Apache 4.

    1. Login to the WHM server as root.

    2. In the left search box type easy.

    Easy Apache 4
    3. You will see currently installed packages. Select Customize as shown below:

    Customizing Easy Apache
    4. In the left menu select Additional Packages. Turn on nginx as shown below:

    Install NGINX

    5. After turning on NGINX, select Review from the left menu. Once the review list is loaded click Provision.

    NGINX is now installed in WHM using Easy Apache 4.
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