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How much does Adblock hurt the revenue of site owners?

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  • How much does Adblock hurt the revenue of site owners?

    Hello webmasters!

    When browsing the internet, we visit sites that have too many ads. It makes our web browsing experience worse because it takes up much of the screen space and is mostly annoying, especially the pop-up ones. Installing an Adblock software will help fix it. However, the owners of sites that have decent ads or ads that do not disrupt the experience of site visitors' revenue will be affected because we aren't viewing their ads.

    Some ads could also contain malicious content and will infect your computer once clicked. Some ads could also be misleading and I hate the websites owners who bombard their sites with ads just because they want the revenue.

    How much does Adblock hurt the revenue of the site owners? I am concerned with the good website owners because they will also be affected by the things the abusive website owners are implementing on their sites.

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    Ad blockers hurt all sites that are supported by ads, but the independent sites, that are smaller suffer more from it, since they depend more on the ads on their website and those are easier to block. You are right, is hard to blame people for using Adblock, a lot of ads are not only annoying but dangerous and blocking is easier and more safe, but it can't all be good since someone will always end up losing something. It depends on the website and the demographis how much they actually lose, I imagine it can become a problem fro smaller sites that for bing ones. However, as Adblockers get better, also do ads, publicity is as old as time and as annoying as it can get, it probably won't be defeated anytime soon.


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