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  • Best VPN?

    What VPN you are using to improve the security and privacy to public and private networks? Which VPN do you feel most to be secured and how did you tell that? Have you ever tried to pay for a VPN or you're just getting it free? Do you think the security will be more improved when I buy their services and if it is affordable even if it's for personal use?

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    There's no simple answer to that. Though nordvpn works great for me. It's always better to check all the options personally. Here's the sit with guides on the subject of VPN source.


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      I am using Surfshark vpn nowadays. It quite cheap in rates 1.99$ per month and very much powerful VPN.I recommend you this vpn. For your satisfaction, you can read reviews here as well.
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        Okay, we all know that US citizens are super-secret double forbidden from trading on certain crypto exchanges. It's against the law, morally wrong, cripples orphans, yada, yada, yada.
        But let's say you were an American citizen on US soil who wanted to access these exchanges. What steps would you need to take to do so in a reasonably secure and reliable manner? I'm assuming first and foremost use an offshore VPN for Bitmex Bitfinex, never access from US IP address.
        How about in terms of deposits/withdrawals? Is it sufficient to just deposit Bitcoin from your normal wallet? Or should you move your coins to a dark net wallet, tumble/shapeshift the coins prior to deposit?
        Same question from the withdrawal side. If an American withdrawals coins from Bitfiniex, will a KYC-compliant USD converter (like Coinbase) refuse the transaction? Should one conceal coins originating from Bitfinex/Bitmex?


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