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  • Web appearance is Key

    Well, there are tons of aspects that make a website ‘palatable’ if I may use the term. However, one of the less recognized but of ultimate importance is appearance. My point here is all the issues to do with color that matches with the content, the images displayed and the fonts used. Most web visitors have no idea of how much work and time may have been invested to make a website what it is. All they are interested in is what they are looking for. Now, come to think of it, if you click a website and ‘boom!’ what meets your eyes is not anywhere near to appealing, then most likely this site will end up into your archive. So, I recommend more effort on fast loading but also appealing sites that not only attracts visitors but they can gladly refer their friends.
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    It is true, web design can make or break your site. Occasionally, I have clicked on sites that were just one big mess of a soup. In such circumstances, the only option is to click the "Exit" button fast and never to look back again. In spite of this, web appearance should come second to other important aspects such as fast loading times and maneuverability.


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      It is a good point to have a fast loading site. However, loading system differs from the users internet service provider. I also think that it's also best to consider the content of what the site is all about. It will hold the interest and attention of the readers. Having a section for discussion is also a good factor to consider. Users love to interact and share thoughts or opinion. A well designed site with good content and easy to access is a great factor to consider.


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