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Tips On How To Extend Your Gadget's Battery Life

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  • Tips On How To Extend Your Gadget's Battery Life

    When we buy a gadget, say for instance, a smartphone, the first thing that most of us consider is its camera. Some would go with internal memory. Perhaps others will go with unique functions that sets it apart from other smartphones. It's understandable. These are but some of the things that we deem important in a gadget so we should consider all of them before buying.

    But, one main component of our devices that we rarely put much attention is its battery. The only time we notice it is if it's time to recharge it. In reality, it serves as the heart of our gadgets as it will not work without it. Our gadget will be useless if its battery is not working.

    So, how do we take care of our batteries? What tips do you have in helping extend a gadget's battery life?

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    What I do are 3 things:
    1. I don't use my smartphone while on charge. That will weaken your battery, especially if you're using your smartphone in games.
    2. I minimize the brightness during daytime and I will adjust it at night time. That will save your battery life a lot.
    3. I don't overcharge and drain my battery. It was advised by the sales lady where I bought my smartphone and it works.
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      Often if I'm just doing work on my smartphone (say if I'm traveling on public transport) I usually put my phone on airplane mode if I don't need internet connectivity for the work I'm doing. I also agree with what others said about turning down the brightness. If my brightness is turned up, the battery life gets chewed through super quickly!


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        I agree on friends here regarding there tips on how to save battery life on phones. Overusing means draining a battery in a fast mood. However, I also limit or don't use phone to play mobile games. It can drain the battery. Listening also to music and watching video will consume battery life in a short span of time. It's also nice to close any apps on your phone when not in use. I am more responsible and discipline on the usage of mobile phone.


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