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    The post that I like is the "tips and tricks". I think a lot of people are scared to give out like industry secrets or just tips and tricks that they've learned because they're afraid that someone will copy them and other people will know how to do this thing then they're all going to do it and then it'll put you out of business or something.

    In my opinion and my experience that is never been the case often times if there's something that is kind of like a secret or just something that took you a long time to learn it's going to give the most value for people and so you're going to get the most traffic to that because it's obviously something that people don't know how to do. It took you so long to figure it out I did not make a post for things like where I get my products printed for my online store how to start a stationery store. These are things that took me years to figure out and when something takes me that long to figure out I think sometimes you do want to just kind of keep it to yourself but why not help other people and if you're working on building traffic in and positioning yourself as an expert this is a great way to do it because you're providing so much about your system.

    Examples of this type of post are maybe your process if you do something creative for a living more specific information of the tools that you use to do your job and then just things that you've learned over the years. An industry secrets or things that take a long time for other people to learn. At the end of the day we should feel of more on helping others to lift them up rather than to keep it ourselves as a successful lonely person.

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    I think tips and tricks is helpful in someways but not everyone is generous to share it. Because it is always an advantage to the rest of the group.Others, are afraid to teach and share to others thinking that they will be left behind. I guess people by nature is greedy with knowledge and power. It will be a lucky day when someone will be kind enough to show kindness by teaching and sharing what he learned. Only a few people will be happy for the success of others.


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