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    My favorite blog post is the "how to" or tutorial, this is great for the reader because it provides many helpful information shows them how to do something. The great thing about this type of post is it's also searchable so it's good for a blogger. You know a lot of times people will search how to do something and your post could be one of the things that comes up especially if you do a really good job of creating interest images and hitting your posts on Pinterest you'd like more information on how to use Pinterest.

    This is the type of post is more on value that what makes it important. Some examples of this type of post are more of like the "Do it yourself" creative side things like how to create a floral arrangements for you can go more on the tax side of things and show a screen Cher tech tutorial maybe if your photographer you could do a how I edit my photos if you were starting more like a beauty or a fashion channel you could do things like how I style skinny jeans or you could do a make up tutorial here. You can go outside the box where you can even get into more abstract types of post like how to move on from a break up.

    Pretty much any topic that you can think of or any skill that you have you can make into a really helpful blog post that shows people how to do what you know how to do things that is new to others. This makes it more of providing value in your creative way.
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