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    The type of blog post that get the most views in my experience has been the "top 10 list of anything". Doing posts that are written out of the list are really great because they offer helpful info for the reader in a way that's really easy to digest rather than you know paragraph upon paragraph.

    You may have a list so it's like number one blank number two blank and there's something about this type of post that just really gets a lot of traffic to some examples are ten ways to blank or my top five tips for blank or ten things I wish that I knew about blank so I definitely recommend doing lists type posts especially if you have a lot of information to give it's just an easy way to format it for the reader in for you actually because you don't have to write paragraph upon paragraph.

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    My Top 10 Most View Blog Post List:
    1. Travel
    2. Food
    3. All about KPOP
    4. Makeup
    5. How to Lose weight
    6. Legit home-based jobs
    7. How to become a successful VA
    8. Humor
    9. All about music
    10. Fashion


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      I always enjoy top 10 styled posts like this. Lists are an easy way to break up an article into more manageable, readable parts, and I usually gravitate towards those articles as things I enjoy reading.

      Sites like Buzzfeed often have those styled articles, and you know how popular they are!


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