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How do you speed up the loading of your website?

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    Originally posted by Nezza View Post

    I like the idea Martinsx. Letting the site know the issues with the page by giving a feedback through their support team. Because, what I normally do is just to clear cache whenever I'm having trouble loading a website and it usually works. Maybe, we also need to do little observations before reporting some incidents.
    Well, some people can be very impatient when it comes to dealing with any kind of problem in the site they carry out any online work of posting, commenting or adding new content as well as any payment issues. Such people would run to support without trying to figure out what's actually going on but it's what the support is there for, so I wouldn't mind at all.


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      I think you should upgrade your internet connection or either buy some domain


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        The best way for me to speed up the loading of your websites is to use image compression method or tool. Editing and resizing the images on your website makes it load faster. There are image compression or resizing tools available online and I think you should try it


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          Please try to take the following actions to accelerate the page loading speed of your WordPress site:
          1. Choose the best web hosting provider
          2. Choose an efficient WordPress theme
          3. Use a content delivery networks
          4. Optimize images
          5. Install a caching plugin like WP Rocket.


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            Your website speed is very vital for your blogging success. in this case you can increase your website speed by;

            Deleting in active plugins and themes, these add a weight to your blog and it makes it slow.

            Make sure your site does not exceed 15 plugins. The more plugins you have on your site, the slower your blog becomes. To do this, look for less important plugins and delete them. you can get plugins that perform multiple actions so that you minimize the number of plugins.

            Compress images and videos, the more image and videos you add on your site the slower it becomes, but does it mean that you stop adding images on your site? NO, what you need to do is to compress your images, use a plugin I personally use called EWWW image optimizer, this plugin can help compress your images.

            The other thing is to make sure you do not use a them that has a lot of features, it plays a big role in slowing down your site, look for a them that has the features you want and if they are many, do away with those that are not all that important to you.

            With these I hope you will be able to increase your site speed.



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              I think that making your website fast or not is due to the way you design the database, there are many ways to design but design to make your data volume as optimal and tidy as possible, thereby helping your website faster, if you have a free time you can access slope game and play with me, thanks a lot slope game


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