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EnlightBot- An AI-Enabled, Multi-lingual Specialist Chatbot Platform

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  • EnlightBot- An AI-Enabled, Multi-lingual Specialist Chatbot Platform

    With chatbots being introduced to the core business areas like customer services, sales and marketing, HR-related functionalities, payments, and billing, technical assistance helps in reducing 80% of calls and messages. The specialized chatbots are now managing almost all these primary business functions without any human intervention.

    ESDS’ EnlightBot is an AI-enabled, multi-lingual virtual chatbot platform developed in-house to assist the customers 24x7 regarding ESDS products, services, and solutions. This virtual specialist chatbot platform is committed to ensuring zero mistakes on the incoming requests through telephone or email by smartly segregating on how to reach usual assistance-related queries.

    EnlightBot is designed to serve any industry, be it banks, insurance, education, Government, etc. Today, all the major industries are looking to expand their technological capabilities, with chatbots leading the transformation process.

    EnlightBot & Its Value Added Benefits
    • Efficient and faster response management using FAQs which are answered with higher accuracy 24x7, thereby resulting in improved response quality
    • EnlightBot can also be used as an alternate sales channel that allows customers to buy products and services directly from the chatbot.
    • It can also be used for cross-selling products and services to the targeted customer groups.

    EnlightBot Portfolio

    The portfolio of EnlightBot includes the following major components-
    1. Speaker Recognition and Verification
    • Easily distinguishing between 2 speakers for Quality Assurance
    • Delivering personalized and enhanced customer satisfaction
    1. Text to Speech
    • Users can create their personas
    • Easy customization for local ascents
    • Emotion delivery to a digital bot representing the entire organization
    1. Deep Learning Bot Platform
    • Reduced point-to-point questions and answers
    • Results and outcomes driving core business values
    1. Chat Analytics
    • Detailed insights and customer chat segmentation
    • Defining KPIs for obtaining out of script results
    • Improving customer satisfaction along with high personalization levels

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