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Government Community Cloud- Fuelling Government of India’s Citizen-Centric Projects

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  • Government Community Cloud- Fuelling Government of India’s Citizen-Centric Projects

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    In today’s fast-paced life, various government organizations and bodies look to shed off their preset image of being slow and inefficient. With technological innovations emerging every day, Government organizations are looking for a paradigm shift from traditional, legacy systems to a highly-efficient Cloud-based system. Various governing services and portals are being developed every day by providers for minimizing the gap between Government officials and citizens.

    ESDS Government Community Cloud (GCC) allows seamless implementation of such applications ensuring the complete security of confidential data within the Indian geographical borders. GCC is a public Cloud offering by ESDS to the Government sector for hosting their critical data and other assets in a secured and protected environment. ESDS GCC is India’s 1st MeitY-empaneled and STQC-audited Cloud complying with all the latest industry certifications. ESDS GCC has been the trusted cloud hosting platform, with over 150 Government institutions using it to host mission-critical data and projects.

    The end-users of ESDS GCC are the government officials that want to digitally transform key government services and offerings by minimizing human interventions. Other target segments include the influencers and other decision-makers who wish to leverage the benefits of a faster and secure Cloud hosting technology.

    Why ESDS GCC?

    The Government Community Cloud is quite an economical as well as flexible Cloud hosting platform that has digitally transformed various citizen-centric projects. Multiple e-Governance services are being driven in the country with a high-performance Cloud hosting solution backed by GCC.

    Patented Auto-Vertical Scaling Technology
    Get optimum utilization of IT resources for flexible workloads delivered through patented scaling technology

    Guaranteed Uptime of 99.95%
    Best-in-class data center hosting for offering maximum Uptime and high-availability of critical applications and tools

    Fully Compliant Cloud Hosting
    Certified by the Government of India for hosting sensitive data and fuel citizen-centric services

    Indigenous Cloud Hosting Solution
    Completely indigenous Cloud hosting solution considering the importance of data security and privacy

    Benefits of ESDS GCC:

    1.A scalable IT infrastructure similar to a public Cloud ecosystem, easing the burden to huge volumes of public data generated
    2.DC/DR as a Service ensures business continuity with bare minimum downtime in unforeseen disaster events
    3.Complete security of critical data by residing it within the Indian geographical borders
    4.Supporting umbrella of portals & applications and delivering quick access to the latest Government services and policies
    5.Delivering a fully-transparent system for seamless collaboration between the Government officials and citizens
    6.Serves as the backbone for various smart city projects by hosting IT infrastructure and delivering exuberant solutions addressing smart city needs

    Contact No: 18002093006 Email Id:
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