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ESDS eNlight IoT- Managed Cloud Platform for Connecting and Managing IoT Devices

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  • ESDS eNlight IoT- Managed Cloud Platform for Connecting and Managing IoT Devices

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    With ESDS eNlight IoT, change how your devices and belongings interact with each other. It is a managed Cloud-based platform allowing you to interact with your Cloud applications and other devices securely. Supporting a diverse number of devices, allowing easier process and routing of messages to nearby devices.

    All the solutions deployed on eNlight IoT are created with MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) and Restful API Protocols.

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    •IoT devices present all over India can connect with the eNlight IoT platform using data collectors present at 4 metro cities in India
    •This gives faster connectivity and lower latency between the eNlight Cloud and users’ IoT devices
    •Any mobile IoT devices connect to the nearest data collector, which has the shortest network path
    •Low data latency to Cloud results in faster decision-making and analytics

    Features of eNlight IoT:

    Device Connection Management- With eNlight IoT, users can easily connect their devices to the Cloud platform and other devices. Due to its small code footprint and lower bandwidth requirements, and low consumption makes it best for IoT and M2M communications.

    Secure Device Connection and Data Transfer- eNlight IoT offers authentication and access control, along with end-to-end encryption across all connection points. Devices’ data can be securely accessed using the access tokens.

    Real-time Data Management- eNlight IoT allows you to collect, filter and transform the device data on the go based on the customizable business rules. Rules can be updated for implementing new devices as well as application features at any point of time.

    Rich Data Analytics & Insights- eNlight IoT allows you to collect, visualize and analyze devices’ data on ESDS’ dashboard. Data can be virtualized with several graphs and widgets.

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