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Snail driver, a free Windows driver updater

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  • Snail driver, a free Windows driver updater

    Snail Driver is a free and lightweight Windows driver update software.

    1. 100% free for lifetime.

    2. No virus, no malware, no adware.

    3. Scan your PC for missing, broken or out of date drivers.

    4. Download/install/update drivers with one click.

    5. Windows 7/8/10 supported.

    Please download Snail Driver to update your Windows drivers.

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    I've tried to use snail driver. I hate it. Its so much work to down load and then it takes up so much space on your computer. And then I don't like that you give it permission to scan your computer. Where is snail driver from? Who are the creators ? Is your information safe? I just don't like that an outsider can come and scan your file. In my opinion you have to be careful with such programmes. I think that someone can use it to steal your details details and your passwords.I also think that someone can put malware on your computer and you won't have any place to turn. I would not use this software to be honest. I don't think its worth your cyber security.


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