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  • Keyword Research Tool for SEO and PPC

    Hi, Please list below all keyword research tools you use for better SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click). Kindly mention their pro and cons too. Referral and affiliate links are welcome. Thank you.

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    I shall share one tool that I use for Keyword Research - Merchant Words. It's used primarily by e-commerce business people to keep track of keywords utilization in a month. Available markets include the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and a whole lot more. Pricing starts at $9 a month.


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      They are many keyword tools out there. I watch many videos on Youtube on how to do SEO. Whoever makes that video has their own recommendation for tools they use to carry out SEO. Personally I find Keywords Anywhere and Uber suggest the best for me. Maybe because the are free. I don't yet make that much money from my blog. So I prefer free tools for now. I find that they are just as effective. Uber suggest for example is owned by Neil Patel, a legend in Internet Marketing and SEO. His blog gets a million and more views a month. I have no problem following his advise on keyword research. Because he came up with this tool I feel very confident using it. Before you spend any money on a tool, find out if they are free alternatives.


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        Hi, I find pretty complete tools here
        We can do keyword research from Google and Bing database, see their profitability and pay per click value. They also will guide us through the website building. The most helpful tool is their tool to craft keyword tiering structure. I believe it works.


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