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  • Senseless Blogger

    Senseless Blogger is a blog that shares the personal opinions of anyone willing to share theirs. It's not for the weak or soft hearted, thick skin is a must. Our views and opinions will probably differ from yours. But above all, we're honest.

    Senseless Blogger shares stories, reviews and more!

    I've also started a new series called Let Me Explain Myself, where I get deep, personal and very detailed about.
    This is the first edition in the series:
    Feel free to suggest a topic as well. I'm an open book!

    Anyone can become a Senseless Blogger. If you're interested, just submit your story here:

    We're also have a few job openings if you're looking to get a little experience, or just help a growing blog out.

    Come check us out already!

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    Such an interesting concept for a blog! I like that it’s designed to just be really honest and perhaps even push some people’s buttons.


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      Thank you for this! I've gained an idea on how to express my ideas more. I'm hoping to start writing or start my blogging as well, real soon!


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        Nice blog idea. I've been tired of sites where there's only a single "hivemind" that will attack, berate, and downvote you for having a differing opinion from the norm. Maybe I should take a look at this website.


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            thank you for sharing your blog, what's your go to blog for wordpress learning and where did you host this blog? can you mention your hosting company



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              Anyone can become a Senseless Blogger. If you're interested, just submit your story here


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