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Link Building Through Article Directories

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  • Link Building Through Article Directories

    Article Directories are a great place to build links. While you ca also build links on Link Directories, however, because the Link Directories only consists of links, search engines tag Link Directories as Link Farm, thus not giving much importance to the links built through Link Directories. However, Article Directories consists of numerous articles and these sites are trusted more by search engines. If you are building links on Article Directory, you will have to publish your own article and share link through your own article.

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    I never knew link directories existed. Mostly I had wanted to know where to get backlinks. I need to check on this article and backlink directory pronto. Your article is quite educative.


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      vinaya, you forgot to give examples of article directories. When you say we can submit articles, my understanding is that the article directory is a writing site where we publish our articles. Do we get paid for the publication of the articles? If the purpose of article directory is to submit your site just for the backlink then maybe I will go for the usual backlink building which is easier because writing an article is not a piece of pie.


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