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  • Backlink question

    Let's say I find an article and I really want to get a backlink. Let's assume I have a quality piece of content that would be a great fit for this article.When I research the author of the article, I find that they don't work directly for the larger company. For example, BigCommerce has a site and has someone like Paul Rogers contribute from time to time, but Paul doesn't work directly for BigCommerce.Here's my dilemma: Paul won't be the one updating the content, that will be the editor. But the editor either A) doesn't feel comfortable changing Paul's already written content, B) won't link to my content because we are competition.What would be the best tactic to get my resource (again, assuming it has value) backlinked from this article?

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    I am also suffering with this issues or query.
    Thanks for share!!


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