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  • Guest blogging in SEO

    Tell me about your experience in guest blogging in SEO, please. Is anyone using it?

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    Guest blogging is the process of writing articles for another blog and getting them posted. This builds credibility for your blog or site (since it'll usually link back to you) and because the blog post is sort of a referral from the owner of that blog since they're allowing you to post content on their site, even though it's under your name.

    Guest blogging can also come in the form of accepting guest posts.

    It is important to note that there is a fine line between guest posts and paying for spammy posts on awful quality websites. Good guest posting is a great way to increase your rankings as well as increase trust in your site. Spammy links, however, are not a good way to do this, especially in light of Penguin 2.0.


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      As per the explanation above by manisha guest blogging is writing articles for another blogger. Take note that an article featured in another blog site does not guarantee an increase in ranking. The site should at least be ranked higher than your own blog otherwise you are doing that site a favor by increasing its ranking at your expense. A good site for guest blogging is one that has a big number of regular readers. In other words the blogger should be well-read. And a famous blogger will not easily allow you to post on his blog unless you know him personally.


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        Well most bloggers or pitcher use this tactic to earn some valuable link juice to their website, but I think there is some misconception about guest blogging and guest posting although both require a good quality content (which satisfies the target audience in terms of their quest to find the solution of their problems) to be published. As a content editor from essay writing help this strategy tends to work best for link acquisition which may help your website rank well in search engines.


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