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  • Getting free articles for my blog

    Sometimes I feel tired to write for my blog but I know I should be updating it at least once a day but I'm not doing this because of lack of articles.please how best can I have free articles to post on my blog?

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    Would you write for free for others? I hope not. Therefore, it is quite impossible to get quality free articles. having said that if your website receives tons of traffic and is an authority site, you can get free articles from bloggers who are looking to build backlinks.


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      My suggestion is for you to make an offer to writers on the compensation for the article. As what vinaya said above, it is quite impossible to get free articles with quality. Another way is to get a co-blogger who would submit articles and will have his name as the by-line. But again there should be a sort of compensation for the co-blogger because there is no such thing as free lunch.


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        I agree on friends here that it is better to hire someone to write for your site. This will ensure for a good quality post content. It's a rare thing to seek a free writer these days considering the time and effort involve on each task. There are sites that offers article writing that has a good charging fees. However, it is always nice to write content on your own. You don't need to post in daily basis but instead you can make one with quality. Readers are more interested on content.


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          This is your blog so you post your stuff there. If you are tired of writing text - blog is not for you. Forget about it


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