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    SEO is a popular form of freelancing jobs today. I'm sure that a lot of people have taken interest in trying it if it would work for them. What useful advice would you give to beginners and even to seasoned SEOs?

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    I am currently learning SEO methods in one forum where there abounds discussions about SEO issues. My take on SEO methods is that you can do it in a good way and you can also do it in a bad way. By the way there are only 3 SEO methods in the basic sense which are content, keywords and backlinks. Since content is king so it should be given preference which by logic means you have to upload good contents on your site regularly. The keyword is the short description of the content so make it directly related to the content. The backlink is the link of your site that you post on another site. Always choose a site that has a large amount of traffic. I guess that will do for now.


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      These days almost everyone seems to be an expert in SEO as there is a lot of free resource available online. Most of the people believe that SEO is adding keywords and building backlinks. However, SEO is more than that. SEO expert is someone who can do SEO audit on you site and implement everything that is required to rank your site higher on search engines.


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        For beginners I believe the best bet is grabbing the basics and doing it one's own way to stand out. One should always remember there are already seasoned experts in the field and as such one will stands one out is doing the task better. Read and watch all the resources online and make the best use of it.


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          Idеntifу and targеt a kеуword phrasе for еach pagе. Think about how уour rеadеr might sеarch for that spеcific pagе. Thеn, rеpеat this phrasе sеvеral timеs throughout thе pagе—oncе or twicе in thе opеning and closing paragraphs, and two to four morе timеs throughout thе rеmaining contеnt.


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