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Choosing sites to post your backlinks

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  • Choosing sites to post your backlinks

    I have always been encountering discussions in other forums about quality backlinks which are posted on authority sites like Edu and Gov. But you can also get quality backlinks by posting on big forums and popular blogs and also on public domains. The key is the traffic. When you post your backlink on a site that has a lot of traffic then that is considered quality backlink. By the way you get traffic in 2 ways from backlinks that's why it is the most popular SEO method. When a reader of the content clicks on your backlink then that is traffic. Quality backlinks will boost your site's ranking in search engines that you also get traffic from the searchers.

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    Yeah,this is what I do for my blog. I leave my links on biggger sites that is in the same niche like mine and also comment intelligently on the site to attract people's attention to want to find out about mine.Backlinks help a site to gain more organic traffic and might even have repetitive visitors.


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      The best backlinking practice is organic backlinking. Organic backlink means people voluntarily give you backlink. This will happen if your site contains valuable information that is not found else where. If you are not getting organic backlinking, you should be doing manual backlinking. manual backlink means you build backlinks through forums, websites and blogs. Yu should stay away from automated backlinks.


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        It must be a good website with high-quality moderation and no more than 3 links per thread. If you choose a website that does not meet these requirement you are doing damage to your business. So better not to post backlinks at all than post it on bad sites


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          If you are not getting organic backlinking, you should be doing manual backlinking. . Read helpful:


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