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Characteristics of a good SEO service.

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  • Characteristics of a good SEO service.

    When hiring an SEO service to ensure quality traffic in our blog or to disclose any other of our resources on the internet, what would be the characteristics that we should look for in this service?

    Within so many possible options, it is not easy to determine if everything that an SEO service offers us is true or if they can achieve it.

    I do not know if there is any warranty claim that may be required or something similar, so I would appreciate it if you would please share some of your knowledge on this subject, so that we can have more information if we need it.

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    In this topic, don’t forget that SEO work has no precise date of effect so the SEO specialist couldn’t promise when the site will benefit from all his work. Maybe it would be a good guarantee to at least give a time frame for the job like maybe 3 months. The payment is tied up to the time frame. For example you can give the SEO specialist a 20% down payment so he can start working and give him 30% when you see some effect. At the end of the time frame, you can evaluate and maybe pay him the balance if the resulting effect is satisfactory otherwise you can ask for another month for more evaluation.


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      Often SEO may take about three months for a site to move among the top. Throughout this period one must ensure all content is Search Engine Optimization. Good keywords and back linking should accompany quality content.

      Normally a person who hires a SEO expert wants to move to the top immediately but this is not so. Search Engines have their own way of determining this and it takes some time. Patience is therefore the key to success.


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        There's no definite time for the SEO services applied on a blog to take effect I think what the blog need to be rank better is to be active and consistent with more optimization that way the blog will still be in the wheel of progress. So the best bet is getting a best SEO experts to do the work while one will be patient to get the best out of it.


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