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  • How to increase Page Authority

    Page Authority or PA in short is a SEO metric developed by a SEO company called Moz. Measured on the scale of 1 to 100, higher rank indicates strong PA and lower rank indicates poor PA. PA is giving for individual webpage. Higher PA means the website page will perform better in SERP. One of the ways to improve PA is by building backlinks for your individual pages. More links pointing to your page means your webpage will have higher PA. Google does not actually take a cue from PA to rank website however, the factors you use to get higher PA will increases the chances of your webpage to get higher in search ranks.

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    Following the page specialist of every last one of your site pages can be to a great degree accommodating in deciding if certain inbound advertising systems are working or not...

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      Page Authority, it is important to remember, is a measure that improves over time. So prepare to have oodles of patience. Meanwhile, though, there are numerous strategies you can adopt to increase your PA, such as:

      · Quality Content

      · On-Page SEO

      · Internal Links

      · External Links

      · Frequent Publishing

      It is not any one but a combination of these strategies, with a focus on those that are best suited for your website, that will bring you the best results.


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        Keep your account clean. Try to protect your account from unwanted incoming subscriptions and comments. I for example installed . After cleaning, advertisers will be more willing to give you orders.


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          To the above answers I would like to add that only by increasing number of backlinks DOES NOT necessarily increases your PA. Instead it depends on quality and relevance of back-links and not on quantity.

          At my SEO services company , the SEO team never underestimates the relevance and quality of backlink. It will surely look for one better backlink than 10 average backlinks.

          Quality and relevant backlinks not only help you in improving PA , DA but also you get too see jump in your SEO rankings for your target keywords.

          Also I would like to add the page authority depends on one more factor which is the age of the domain/page i.e. how old it is. This is something which is not in our hand and if you are working on new websites, then you shall not expect your PA to sky rockets as you need to give time & keep creating backlinks. Eventually you will get to see improvement in PA within 6 months


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            To Increase Page Authority:
            1. Build links to the page you're optimizing
            2. Spread the link juice from pages with high PA to those with less
            3. Make sure each page is packed with useful content
            4. Build your Domain Authority
            5. Regularly remove harmful links to your page
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