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  • Social Media and SEO

    Once Social Media was deemed irrelevant in SEO practice but nowadays ever since Google leaked that social media reshare and comments thus in fact affect Google rankings more and more SEO specialists are eyeing social media platforms as a means to boost rankings. Does this mean that social media is becoming powerful enough to affect Google rankings?

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    I think there is the thing called social signals now that is equivalent to bookmarks. When a post in Facebook gets a lot of likes and comments, it can earn a point for the SEO of the site. When a tweet goes around with the re-tweets then it also earns a positive note from Google. But that is for Google only and I don't know if the other search engines also consider the social signals. Maybe sooner than we expected, Google will consider all other posts about your site in social media as backlinks because they are actually backlinks that can create traffic to your site when a reader clicks on the link that you posted.


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      I think it does. I think that more and more people are using social media as a platform to get more traffic to their website. So I would agree that social media is becoming more important in the SEO requirements list. It is also easier for you to seek out an audience then for people to happen upon your website on Google as they are searching for something. Ultimately in the next few years I see social media as the number one way of getting traffic to your website and maybe even more important than SEO, however that is just my humble opinion.We will wait and see I'm excited to see the changes that will happen in SEO in the next few years. Interesting times we are living in!


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        Yes,I read about the comments and social media are adding to one's ranking on Google and I believe it a good one because these are two ways of really getting activities on sites.Without people dropping comments it seem a topic didn't worth the time and s such doesn't really need to be recognized, I think people should take these two seriously now to be able to rank higher on search engines.


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          I agree that Social media sites become powerful tools to improve your ranking. People are active to Social media that is why using these platforms, your website or business can be easily introduced to your audience. With the great content, you can attract more audience to visit your website and possibly turn them into sales.


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