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Are free SEO courses useful?

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  • Are free SEO courses useful?

    Is it really worth it to pay a monthly fee for Search Engine Optimization or will a free online SEO course suffice? Does anyone know whether these courses offer the skills needed? I have the patience to learn as long as the material is useful.

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    Free SEO courses are pretty useful. I would argue that as a beginner you should take them until you are familiar with SEO. When you are familiar you will have enough knowledge to choose a paid course that will be best for you. You need to be careful because they can be expensive and a waste of time. You can get lots of courses that are free for the first few lessons and allow you to upgrade once you have mastered the basics. This in my opinion is a pretty good idea because you can test out the course and teaching structures before you pay good money for them. I recommend that you search on Youtube for a list of free SEO teachings. I can promise you, you will be spoilt for choice.


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      Free courses are like the DIY videos on Youtube where you can learn something for free by just watching the video. I think the free SEO course is something beneficial for website owners who do not have the knowledge of doing SEO methods on their site to gain traffic from search engines. I have been studying SEO methods in one forum and I think I can do my own SEO when I create my own site. But a course on SEO will be a faster way to learn the SEO methods. Besides, you may have the luxury of asking for clarifications because SEO is a complicated subject matter.


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