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  • SEO and Social Media

    Can Social Media platforms be used to optimized a site, if so does it mean that Social Media is a factor in SEO?

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    Yes using social media can be a good factor for SEO.Getting traffic from social media will definitely help ones site to grow than getting traffic from PTC sites or paid traffic.If one is using an ad network like Google AdSense then traffic from social media is most welcome than from other sources..


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      Social media helps to promote your webpages to gain more traffic and build your website popularity in search engines.
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        There is that thing called social signals that search engines now take into consideration. I cannot say if the social signal is equivalent to the strength of a backlink in terms of SEO but it is definitely a factor for increasing the ranking of the site in search engines. But the social signals I am speaking of is more of the posts in Facebook Pages. In fact, Facebook is now doing a crackdown on fake numbers with the followers of the Facebook Pages that point to sites which are suspected to be link farms. That clearly means social signals are beneficial to the site.


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          SEO is paramount in all the writings that are linked to any website. In order to rank high in search engines it is good to optimize your work and site.

          Since facebook happens to be the biggest marketer to your services, then Facebook should be an optimized site.


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            Search engine optimization is fundamental in every one of the compositions that are connected to any site, since facebook happens to be the greatest advertiser to your administrations, at that point Facebook ought to be a streamlined site...

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              Take a look at the number of users in all social media sites today and see how useful it could be when they are incorporated with SEO. Facebook have over 2 billion users, the same thing goes for Twitter, Instagram etc. It's very good to combine both SEO and social media.


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