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  • Downtime

    Sooner or later, most web hosting companies will experience some sort of downtime at least once which is not at all great especially if you have paying customers. It's inconvenient and if you're paying for a service, then you expect it to be up and running at all times really. But sometimes there just isn't much a web hosting company can do especially if the downtime is due to something out of your control. If your web hosting company experiences some downtime, even if it wasn't totally your fault, do you compensate your customers? Or do you think that an apology and a reason why it happened is sufficient?

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    I agree to what you said. Logging in to a site which suddenly crashes is the worst most specially if your earning from it by finishing a task. All those tasks gone to waste because of the downtime. System updates are a common answer to the problem. When i experience glitches, the website releases updates 3-4 weeks later. I sometimes tried contacting them via email but all i get was a auto-reply.


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      I think an apology and a reason is good most of the time. Most companies cannot afford to give compensation to all of their clients. Telling them why it happened and some assurance to reduce the risk of the incident happening again is enough for me. As Trish23 said, they should at least try to support their clients as soon as possible instead of giving them auto-replies. If the clients do not know why their site was unresponsive or unreachable, anyone in their right mind will really worry.


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        I think it's something that probably comes down to the duration of the downtime. If it was relatively minor, then I think a sincere apology is fine. If it's a more prolonged thing that has a more profound impact on services, support, and visitors that come to a website, then some kind of compensation wouldn't be unreasonable either. Especially if you're wanting to keep your client's trust and also retain their business as well.


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          I have experienced this from Domainking company where I did my first hosting and it wasn't funny because it took more than 48 hours but the good thing is that support was swift about apologies and they were so polite about it even though it wasn't really their fault but it was good they took responsibilities and made customers or clients be aware of it on time.


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